Know Thyself (28/07/2023)

What are your values? The glossary of values helps you find your own !

I recently stumbled upon a valuable web resource that unveils the intricate web of human psychology and its timeless concepts - a modest glossary of personal values. This small collection illuminates the interconnectedness of our values, which have transcended generations and continue to shape our understanding of self and society.

The collection, thoughtfully curated by experts in psychology and human behavior, showcases a diverse array of values that form the bedrock of our character and ethics. Ranging from enduring virtues like courage, compassion, and integrity to modern ideals such as sustainability, diversity, and mindfulness, this compendium celebrates the enduring essence of what it means to be human.

Within each entry, users can explore the profound significance of these values, witness their manifestations in everyday life, and engage in thoughtful exercises to assess their relevance to their own existence. This interactive approach empowers individuals to embark on a journey of introspection, unraveling the intricate web of their values and beliefs.

Beyond personal growth, the resource extends its reach to communities, organizations, and educational institutions, fostering open dialogues about the interconnected nature of our values. 

Early users of this resource have expressed gratitude for the fresh perspective it offers : "great dynamic tool for self-discovery and exploration of human psychology" said one.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life, this unassuming collection serves as a gentle reminder of the enduring and interconnected nature of human values. Delve into its pages and embrace the timeless wisdom that has woven its way into the fabric of human existence, guiding us through the complexities of our ever-evolving selves.

Here is a small sample:

Courage: The glossary defines courage as the ability to face fear, uncertainty, and adversity with bravery and determination. It explores different forms of courage, from physical acts to moral and emotional courage.

Empathy: capacity to understand and share the feelings of others. It highlights its importance in building meaningful relationships and fostering compassion.

Humility: the modesty and lack of arrogance or pride. It emphasizes how humility fosters open-mindedness and genuine self-awareness.

Kindness: quality of being considerate, compassionate, and generous towards others. It discusses the positive impact of simple acts of kindness.

Wisdom: deep understanding and insight gained through knowledge and experience. It explores the pursuit of wisdom as a lifelong journey.

Patience: ability to endure challenges and difficulties with calmness and tolerance. It offers strategies to cultivate patience in daily life.

Intelligence: The glossary discusses intelligence as the capacity for learning, reasoning, and problem-solving. It emphasizes the importance of intellectual growth.

Generosity: willingness to give and share with others selflessly. It discusses the joy and fulfillment found in acts of kindness.

Independence: the ability to think and act for oneself, free from undue influence. It highlights the importance of autonomy and self-reliance.

Hope: The glossary explains hope as the optimistic expectation and desire for positive outcomes. It explores the role of hope in coping with challenges and inspiring perseverance.

Justice:  fairness and equity in the treatment of individuals and society. It discusses the importance of upholding just principles.

Tolerance: acceptance and respect for different beliefs, opinions, and lifestyles. It emphasizes fostering a harmonious and inclusive society.

Other resources include the well known Oxford Dictionary (see Wisdom) or its not less famous competitor the Cambridge Dictionary (see Wisdom)

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